ISOLITE Inside Viano (2007 _ 2013)

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ISOLITE® Inside Mercedes-Benz Viano

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ISOLITE Inside for the cabin windows is available for all Mercedes-Benz Viano models. In summer, the solar heat is reflected outwards. The interior reflex lamination preserves the cold air inside the vehicle longer. In winter, ISOLITE reflects the cold outwards and the warmth back into the vehicle: "thermos flask effect"!

ISOLITE is attached into the windscreen frame and simply attached to the upper black stripe of the glas and around the interior mirror with hook-and-loop fastener. 
Perfect dimout and of course optimal insulation of the cabin windows in summer, winter and intermediary seasons.

With ISOLITE being attached to the windows of your vehicle, you cannot been seen from the outside: the cabin is completely “opaque”. 
ISOLITE is simple to attach and can be stored on the bed of the pop-up roof. 

Made in Germany.


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ISOLITE Inside Viano (2007 _ 2013)

ISOLITE Inside Viano (2007 _ 2013)

ISOLITE® Inside Mercedes-Benz Viano